Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Event update...

Decemberian Birthday!
Happens in January to celebrate December born people.
Missing: Syafiq
Reason: Other obligation
from left; rozel, S.A, Arai, Arief, Nuefa, Hazwan

Happens in February, both men and women players here.
Missing: S.A, Arief
Reason: Eating at KFC
from left; nad, syafiq, hazwan, arai, rashtdan.

Happens nearly end of February. It is a Law students annual dinner.
Missing: S.A
Reason: Committed AJK
from left, hazwan, danial, arai, syafiq, nazrin, syazwan, faris, izham, farid, arief.

Happens early March, First Residential College Annual Dinner (Malam Penganugerahan Astar)
Missing: S.A, Arief
Reason: One is not Astarian and one is photographer
from left: epul, shark, syafiq, leng, sasa, arai, hazwan, ello

Mashie Birthday!
Happens in the mid March at FullHouse Sunway Giza
Missing: none
Reason: we unite
from left: kireen, dyana, syafiq, wawa, mashie, boo, arief, s.a, najj, shahrul, nik farah, hazwan, izham, qayyum, syazwan and arai.

More events are coming. JPA still not going in.

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